Supersuckers, Bart’s In-Store

Eddie Spaghetti

By Eddie Spaghetti

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

I remember not knowing what we were gonna do. I remember running late. I remember barely pulling it together and then I remember walking away from it all, victorious once again. That's just how it is on the road with the rolling basket case that is the Supersuckers. Still, it's pretty easy (when you've been doing it as long as we have) to get a good show going at the last minute. Chances are that the mistakes will fly by and the people there will only remember the good stuff. Memories are usually pretty forgiving that way, it seems like folks really only want to remember good things. Bad memories tend to just clutter up the already full minds of the peoples. But getting a good RECORDING of a show? Well, well, well… let me tell you that that is a whole different kind of surprise right there. So it was real nice to get these tapes from Scott Lawler at Bart's CD's in Boulder and hear that we were having a good, loose time playing some spirited country music for the 30 or so people who were able to make it out that afternoon. In addition to Neil Truglio and the good folks at Bart's (including Bart himself, of course) I'd like to thank Clay Bartlett for the bass playing and Jordan Shapiro for the pedal steel playing that helped us Supersuckers (me, Thunder and Rontrose) pull another rabbit out of our ass. Enjoy, Eddie Spaghetti