Bad Brains, Bad Brains

Jack Rabid

By Jack Rabid

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
You heard it here first: the birth of hardcore

This pulverizing (originally cassette-only) album proved what DC and NY denizens had already been marveling at for four years: not only were the all-black Bad Brains the greatest punk musicians ever (along with the Ruts), but these crazed Rastas also unleashed the most furious lightning/blitzkrieg assault imaginable. On positively jaw-dropping, astonishingly frenzied pulverizers such as "Sailing On," "Banned in D.C." and "Big Takeover," the group somehow married Motorhead's lethal, nasty chops to the Sex Pistols and Black Sabbath's power riffs and the Dickies and early Saints 'speed-fueled attack. Then they added reggae, showing off singer H.R.'s uncanny pipes. It's a miracle disc.