Babes in Toyland, Spanking Machine

Kevin O'Donnell

By Kevin O'Donnell

on 09.21.11 in Reviews

Spanking Machine

Babes In Toyland

Like Courtney Love, Babes in Toyland’s singer-guitarist Kat Bjelland might be better known for her fashion sense — she pioneered the kinderwhore look — than her music, but her group’s terrific debut album remains one of the rawest punk records to come out of the ’90s. (Cool fact: Love was briefly a member of Babes in Toyland before forming Hole.) Less slickly produced than their 1992 major label debut Fontanelle, Spanking Machine is an 11-track blast of bad-girl attitude and distorted mayhem. It starts with “Swamp Pussy,” and ends with “Fork Down Throat.”