The Bats, At The National Grid

Mac McCaughan (Superchunk)

By Mac McCaughan (Superchunk)

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
Telepathic harmonies and tightly constructed pop gems

New Zealand had been harboring a great pop wave for years before it finally reached U.S. shores in the late '80s, largely courtesy of the great NZ label Flying Nun Records. The "hip" scene was in Dunedin but the Bats bucked the trend, straight outta Christchurch. Armed with jangling, buzzing guitars, a propulsive rhythm section, and Kaye Woodward's telepathic harmonies on Bob Scott's tightly constructed pop gems, the band has kept the lineup intact and continues to charm the pants off anyone within earshot; just try to deny the pull of the plaintive "The Bells."