Aorta, Aorta

George Smith

By George Smith

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
Experimental outfit delivers one from the heart.

The cracked concept/opera about main veins and heart attacks that the album title seems to promise is a sham. But that doesn't matter once you delve into Aorta's unclassifiable and never duplicated mix of heavy organ psychedelia, Chicago Transit Authority horns and Uriah Heep acid rock pomposity. Although the mix is enough to trigger the gag reflex, Glen Kolotkin — who became better known for mixing pop singles that never charted for pioneering Bay Area indie Beserkley Records — gives it a magical production sheen, peppy and exciting. Unlike stuff on Beserkley in the '70s, Aorta did apparently chart as part of some momentary misguided excitement over bands from Chicago in 1969. This act beats the stuffing out of CTA, if you ask me.