Animals as Leaders, Weightless

Syd Schwartz

By Syd Schwartz

on 01.12.12 in Reviews
Moving between brutality and verbosity

Virtuoso guitarist Tosin Abasin stepped away from his band Reflux in 2009 to release a solo project he called Animals as Leaders. Two years later, Animals as Leaders is a fully realized band, with writing credits shared among its three members. The results are impressive — their second album, Weightless, is an instrumental, technical death metal album that moves cleverly between brutality and verbosity, with elements of both electronic and space music interspersed throughout. The mind-boggling virtuoso playing exists inside genuinely clever songwriting, and while aspiring musicians will enjoy picking their jaws off the floor while listening, the band’s appeal extends well beyond those with a jones for well-honed technical chops. Metal fans, prog rockers and jazz fusioners will find this a great listen that soars as well as it shreds. Weightless is a thinking man’s metal Mahavishnu — impressive, inspiring and head-banging all at once.