Animal Collective (Feat. Vashti Bunyan), Prospect Hummer

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 08.30.11 in Reviews

Prospect Hummer

Animal Collective (feat. Vashti Bunyan)
A crucial, cross-generational meeting of the minds

Aside from having a similar fashion sense – lots of paisley prints and loose fits – one of the only uniting forces in the freak-folk hype machine was a shared love of Vashti Bunyan’s long-lost Just Another Diamond Day LP. The 30-year-old recording was a benchmark and/or bible for many singer-songwriters in the mid ’00s, which makes Prospect Hummer a crucial, cross-generational meeting of the minds. “I loved having the freedom to sing as I wanted,” Bunyan said of the three-day sessions that went into the one-off EP. “I was still finding my voice after burying it for years.” Now confident for the first time in decades, Bunyan finally released her second full-length in the same month as Feels, making this the sedate puzzle piece between Sung Tongs and Animal Collective’s comparatively aggro follow-up.