Animal Collective, Campfire Songs

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 08.30.11 in Reviews

Campfire Songs

The Animal Collective
As pure as it gets, really

While it’s now filed alongside all of Animal Collective’s other albums, Campfire Songs was actually credited to that very name in its original Catsup Plate pressing. A truth-in-advertising title, considering all five songs were tracked live in one take on a Maryland back porch in the middle of November. Some ambient noise was added later, but most of this drone-on disc sounds like exactly what it is: three close friends (presumably) stoned out of their gourd, stepping into the light with spellbound harmonies and crystallized guitar chords. When Animal Collective reunites for family gatherings 20 years from now, this will most likely referred to as the “that magical night before everything changed” – as pure as it gets, really.