Damien Jurado, And Now That I’m In Your Shadow

Keith Phipps

By Keith Phipps

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
Damien sings death, adultery and dark redemption

Damien Jurado sings about places that aren't nice to visit and people who don't want to live there. Still trying to find the balance between light and darkness that sounded so effortless on 2005's Where Shall You Take Me, Jurado defaults to gloom on most of his seventh album, And Now That I'm In Your Shadow. But, as in the world of Springsteen's Nebraska, there's dark redemption to be found at the bottom of these songs of death, adultery and, most consistently, disappearance. Sometimes it's the protagonist who's left, as on “What Were The Chances?,” a hushed duet with Jenna Conrad (now a permanent member of Jurado's band along with Eric Fisher.) Other times it's old acquaintances who have fallen by the wayside, occasionally literally, as with the bad love victim of “Shannon Rhodes.” It's dark stuff, but the palpable sense that all that misery must mean something is what makes Jurado a continually compelling, if too often overlooked, talent.