Dusty Kid, Anatome ep 1

Philip Sherburne

By Philip Sherburne

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
Sure, “Kore” is formulaic, but so is the theory of relativity.

Dubstep fans are prone to rhapsodizing over the bass-heavy genre's propensity to "wobble," but techno proved it could woozy-foot it with the best of them in 2007, thanks to cuts like Teflon's "The Wombat" and Ernesto Ferreyra's "The Last Shooter." But Dusty Kid's "Kore" outdoes'em all with "Kore." Opening with the teasing oscillation that sounds like a didgeridoo being controlled by a jaw harp, the track begins its steady descent to the center of the earth when the bass kicks in — a blustery, side-to-side swagger that lurches like a drunk making for the bar at last call. Sure, the track's formulaic, but so is the theory of relativity. The high-end riffs whip dancers into a frenzy; breakdowns kick in and are thrown aside with a sense of timing so keen you could set your watch by them. For all its minor-key bombast, "Kore" is a winking concession to the laws of the dancefloor that manages to transcend them all the same.