Amoral, Beneath

Phil Freeman

By Phil Freeman

on 02.14.12 in Reviews


Evolving from melodic death metal to a classicist power-metal approach

This fifth album, and U.S. debut, by furious Finns Amoral finds them evolving from melodic death metal to a more classicist power-metal approach, filling their songs with anthemic swoops and epic choruses. In some ways, it’s reminiscent of Dream Theater, especially when the opening title track chugga-chuggas past the eight-minute mark. There’s only one other long-haul number here, though — the album’s seven-minute one-time closer, “Of Silent Stares and Fire Lost.” (This U.S. edition comes with a bonus track, “Sleeping With Strangers.”) All the other songs are three to five minutes long, perfect for pumping one’s fist and singing along with the midtempo choruses, or headbanging to the shredtastic guitar solos. Some tracks feature death growls, but those feel more like a concession to modernity than the power metal moves feel like a nod to tradition. Beneath‘s catchy, but its timeless uncoolness is its greatest virtue.