Alice Boman, EP II

Katy Henriksen

By Katy Henriksen

on 06.03.14 in Reviews


Alice Boman

Alice Boman, a singer-songwriter based in Malmö, Sweden, stirs elemental sensations with her homemade recordings: cool hardwood floors against bare feet, a window letting in springtime breeze. Fragile yet forthright, she sings in a delicate voice of longing, loneliness and wandering, framed by masterly layered keys, slowly-resonating guitar and only the slightest hint of scratchy, far-away percussion. It is a well-worn and personal comfort she offers, rare in an age of overstimulation. “I want you more than I need you/ I need you so bad/ Are you coming back?/ Are you coming back?/ I’m waiting,” she sings on “Waiting,” and it’s as though you’re right there, lying on her unmade bed. The intimacy lingers throughout, never succumbing to monotony or formula.

Offering well worn and personal comfort

Boman’s EP II brings in songs from her debut EP Skisser and adds six more, coloring in her aesthetic with a little more darkness. “What” opens with stoic keys that dwell in the bass notes, adorned by a high, sustained hum. “Come light the fire/ Take me out tonight,” Boman coos, and the effect is that of lounge singer purring into the showerhead of her clawfoot bathtub rather than a nightclub. “You know I need the darkness as much as the light” she confesses atop a rolling organ and a steady top-hat beat in “Over.” There’s a fundamental innocence to Boman’s music, but it darkens slightly here.

Taken on their own, the two EPs work together well. Packaged together, the songs’ lyrical simplicity and similar structures blend together to the point that, at times, it risks feeling repetitious. Getting to know Skisser and the new songs on EP II separately may ultimately be more rewarding. Nonetheless, there is no mistaking the power of the intimacy here — like a late-night glass of wine at a dimly lit second-hand kitchen table.