Ali & Gipp, Kinfolk

Hua Hsu

By Hua Hsu

on 08.26.12 in Reviews


Ali & Gipp

Slowly, the circle widened. In 2007, with Goodie Mob broken up, Gipp collaborated on an album with Ali of the St. Lunatics, who had helped do for the Midwest what Gipp and the Dungeon Family had done for Atlanta. It was a surprisingly good pairing; then again, Gipp’s lumbering drawl sounds good alongside anyone. There was nothing conceptual about Kinfolk. It was heavy on features and a kind of newfound, multi-region solidarity: Nelly and the irrepressible Pimp C show up for “Hood” while Cee-Lo and Bun B bring some menace to “I Told Ya.” They were all drawn by the lowest common denominator, so to speak. “Work Dat, Twerk Dat” comes across as some stripped-down, country-fied Miami Bass, a spiritual companion to the minimalist thump of the rump-toasting “Go ‘Head.”