Vivian Girls, Share the Joy

David Raposa

By David Raposa

on 06.15.11 in Reviews

Share the Joy

Vivian Girls
Seeing what else they’re capable of

After releasing two albums and multiple singles equally in love with girl-group harmonies and cassette-tape fidelities, the Vivian Girls decided it was time for a change. On Share The Joy, producer and Woods member Jarvis Taveniere turns down the static and sharpens the focus. As if that wasn't enough of a transformation, the record kicks opens with a six-minute tune ("The Other Girls") that has little in common with the loose, punchy pop people have come to expect. Despite these cosmetic changes, though, the Girls haven't forgotten their roots — the one-two punch of "Sixteen Ways" and "Take It As It Comes" are on-point homages to the girl groups they strive to emulate, while "Lake House" shows they haven't forgotten how to make an enjoyable ruckus — they're just seeing what else they're capable of. It's not as radical as, say, changing their name to the Vivian Women, but it's clear from Share The Joy that these girls are growing up.