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Robert Sandall

By Robert Sandall

on 06.15.11 in Reviews
The Scot singer-songwriter at his most straightforwardly plaintive

This is the third album by the 36-year-old Scot who emerged in 2002 from the small but influential folk scene based in Anstruther, Fife, and centred on idiosyncratic tunesmith Kenny "King Creosote" Anderson. Though Yorkston hates being called a singer-songwriter, you'd be hard put to come up with a better term for a man whose gently insinuating vocal sounds uncannily like the late Nick Drake's on "I Awoke" and who intones "The Brussels Rambler" in the conversational style of fellow Fifers Arab Strap. The title track and the album closer, "Us Late Travellers," feature Yorkston in straightforwardly plaintive, folky mode — just him and his trusty acoustic. The more interesting stuff, notably "Don't Let Me Down," comes layered with accordion, fiddles and closely miked wind instruments which bring out a depth in Yorkston's songwriting, as well as tapping the pedigree of his producer, ex-Talk Talker Paul Webb, who recently recorded with Beth Gibbons as "Rustin Man."