Mark Farina, Air Farina

Jessica Hopper

By Jessica Hopper

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Air Farina

Mark Farina

Perhaps as a comment on the perpetual motion his life as a jet-setting DJ demands, Mark Farina delivers a meditation on the ebb-less tides of touring, lacing small, quick samples of air-traffic controllers, airplanes and traffic noise amidst unmade beds of demure, decidedly un-clubby house beats. The multiplicity of production ideas betrays Farina's roots as one of the progenitors of the Chicago house scene — he's all for soulful vocals, robotic electro minimalism and letting sounds stand alone rather than dousing them in effects. "Dream Machine" — featuring the vocals of Sean Hayes — is built on a banjo sample, an elastic bass line and muted washboard beat; it's a soft charmer, with Hayes 'gentle, fey cooing juxtaposed against an anthem for "snakecharmers and rebels on the dance floor." This deft subtlety is classic Farina.