Aimee Mann, Lost In Space

David Pakman

By David Pakman

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
Not even Dr. Jonathan Smith could sabotage these gorgeous songs.

Since she's the reigning queen of contemporary female singer-songwriters, it's almost too obvious to point out the necessity of knowing Aimee Mann's work. Some tire of her nasal voice, but her intricately textured songs sound like they were painstakingly assembled note by note until they reached perfection. Her specialty is the mid-tempo Beatles-derived self-examining relationship tribute, like the waxing opener "Humpty Dumpty" or the clav-filled title track. Listen to the somewhat haunting but gentle "This Is How It Goes" and then get stuck into the hooky melody and careful harmonies in "Guys Like Me." As on almost all of her other albums, Aimee gives us aspiring songwriters something to shoot for: introspective and highly visual lyrics accompanied by songcraft and musical treatments that truly support and enhance the story. Lost in Space is anything but.