Hip Hop Hoodios, Agua Pala Gente

Richard Gehr

By Richard Gehr

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

"My mom's name is Meryl. Her middle name is Debbie/ Ya know I get down like a Lubavitcher rebbe," rap José Noriega and Abraham Vélez in "Dicks & Noses," one of the often-hilarious non-PC tracks on their provocative new Agua Pála Gente. You could say these Jewish Latinos immersed in African-American street culture deliver the views of three oppressed minorities for the price of one. Or at least that's the sort of obvious silliness the Hoodios alternate with more serious considerations, including the privatization of drinking water in Latin America ("Agua Pála Gente") and the Spanish Inquisition ("1492"), which introduced Jewish culture into Latin America and laid the genetic groundwork for these beastier boys who brag of sounding "dirty, like a pound of pork."