Various Artists – digitalpressure / Dara, A Woman’s Heart 2

Colin Irwin

By Colin Irwin

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

A Woman's Heart 2

Various Artists - digitalpressure / Dara
An assemblage of some of Ireland’s greatest female singers.

In 1992 the original “Woman's Heart” collection — named after Eleanor McEvoy's classic song — became an Irish music phenomenon, selling over 500,000 copies and topping the Irish album charts for 20 weeks. Unsurprisingly, the record label decided a follow-up was in order. As it turned out, the second album was even better than the first. It followed the same format, assembling Ireland's greatest female singers under one roof, with many of the same artists who'd made an impact first time around reprising their contributions. Boosted by Sinead O'Connor's passionate performance of “Three Babies," the album also provides an all too rare opportunity to hear the wonderful earthy vocals of Dolores Keane (who sings “Solid Ground” here), one of the finest singers of her generation, whose massive potential was never fully realised. There's a fine line between earnest pop and easy listening, but this lovingly prepared volume manages to walk it.