Sloan, A Sides Win : Singles 1992-2005

Stacy Flatt

By Stacy Flatt

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
An excellent introduction to the Canadian power-poppers.

Sloan formed in 1992 and have long been one of Canada's most popular bands, but they're not that familiar to American music fans. That's a real shame because, as this compilation shows, they are a gem of a power-pop band. A Sides Win highlights their career from the Beatles-based power-pop of their earlier records to the '70s FM rock-style of their more recent albums. While this compilation does not include all of their best songs, it doesn't have any filler either. From the minor chord harmonies of "Underwhelmed" to the handclaps of "The Lines You Amend," this album is an excellent introduction to Sloan as well as being a great retrospective for the dedicated fan.