A Place to Bury Strangers, Onwards to the Wall

Phil Freeman

By Phil Freeman

on 02.03.12 in Reviews

This Brooklyn band is to the Jesus and Mary Chain what Interpol is to Joy Division: not as cravenly imitative as detractors would have you believe, but the ancestry is clear. This five-song, 17-minute EP’s blown-out sound definitely recalls Psychocandy, mixing simple garage-rock riffs, primitive, almost mechanical drumming and deadpan vocals, but APTBS adds a huge bass sound the J&MC rarely bothered with. The opener, “I Lost You,” adds a lovelorn lyric to the mix, while the EP’s title track brings in vocalist Alanna Nualla for a moody, post-punk dialogue that makes a better soundtrack to the drawing on the cover of Sonic Youth’s Goo than that album did. Layering waves of noise atop an ominous, hypnotic throb and coating it all in snarling rock ‘n’ roll attitude, Onwards to the Wall reaffirms A Place To Bury Strangers’ status as one ofNew York’s best bands.