Tokyo Police Club, A Lesson In Crime

Lindsey Thomas

By Lindsey Thomas

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
A Toronto quartet kicks off an appealing aural riot.

With its clean guitar lines and distorted vocals, Tokyo Police Club's "Cheer It On" sounds like the Strokes might have, had Julian Casablancas not been so obsessed with his own aloofness. But that's the only track on the Toronto quartet's debut that draws real comparison to that other band — these guys are just too jumpy for others to work. Fuzzed-out bass drives the beat, handclaps act as firecracker percussion and guitars ring with delay. The band approaches slower tempos with the same urgency: Even the seemingly mellow tracks are impatient and jittery, waiting for the chance to explode. The album-ending "La Ferrassie," starts out drowsy and builds to a frantic peak, with mob shouts attacking from the background. Without a true breather, the EP finishes around the 16-minute mark in no danger of fizzling. A Lesson in Crime gives the distinct impression that TPC could keep the riot act up for much longer.