A Girl Called Eddy, A Girl Called Eddy

Rob O'Connor

By Rob O'Connor

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

A Girl Called Eddy

A Girl Called Eddy

The release date says 2004, but the heart, mind and ears say 1974. For her debut album (following 2001's Tears All Over Town EP) Eddy (born Erin Moran), sings modest, rainy-day anthems that recall the melancholy of '60s singers Dusty Springfield and Francoise Hardy wrapped in the orchestrated soft-rock of early-'70s AM radio. Eddy goes so far as to quote the Carpenters 'hit "Close to You" during the opening notes of "Heartache" and approximate Karen Carpenter's warm purr for the string and piano-based "People Used to Dream About the Future." But Moran is no pretender. In early 2003 this New Jersey-bred songwriter (and no, she is not the Happy Days co-star) went to Sheffield, England, to record these tracks with Pulp's Richard Hawley; the music aptly reflects the still, luminous beauty of a Yorkshire winter. Nothing is forced, no excessive vocal gymnastics employed. From the gentle shuffle of "Life Thru the Same Lens" to the poignant, quiet-room suffering of "Did You See the Moon Tonight?," Eddy's got a style that's actually quite timeless.