Ed O.G., A Face In The Crowd

Ben Westhoff

By Ben Westhoff

on 04.09.11 in Reviews

A Face In The Crowd

Ed O.G.
No, he does not want to hear your mixtape

Twenty years after Edo G's still-beloved debut Life of a Kid in the Ghetto, the venerable Boston rapper returns with A Face in the Crowd, which serves mainly to cement his legacy as an all-time East Coast heavyweight…and to take to task any cocky young upstarts unfamiliar with the tradition he helped establish. (No, he does not want to hear your mixtape.) Everyday struggles and moral issues remain his lyrical grist on tracks like "Righteous Way" and "World on My Shoulders," while "I Was There" and his reunion with DJ Premier ("Fastlane") stroll down a golden-era memory lane. Still a vital rapper whose flow sounds carved in stone, A Face in the Crowd shows him maintaining both his integrity and his edge, with sharp humor to boot. "I walk a straight line, on a crooked path," he raps on "Dummies." "You soft as rose petals/ Chamomile with bubble baths."