7 Days of Funk, 7 Days of Funk

Ian Gittins

By Ian Gittins

on 12.10.13 in Reviews
An erratic but enjoyable affair from Snoop Dogg and Dam-Funk

“Who Am I (What’s My Name)?” Snoop Dogg was prone to asking when he first emerged 20 years ago. These days, he would be forgiven for posing the same question not as a self-aggrandizing rhetorical flourish, but as a genuine inquiry. Having rechristened himself Snoop Lion for his valiant, if patchy, 2012 reggae record, Reincarnated, Snoop has now adopted the name Snoopzilla for this lubricious funk album, a collaboration with modern-funk evangelist Dam-Funk. His latest moniker is a tribute to Bootsy Collin’s Bootzilla alter-ego, with Snoop openly admitting that 7 Days of Funk is striving to channel the P-Funk bass alchemist: “I’m basically an offspring of Bootsy.” The resulting record is an erratic but enjoyable affair. Inevitably, Snoop and his sidekick are too preternaturally laid-back and languid to mirror the intensity of Collins’s preposterous inventiveness and slapstick musical surrealism, but Dam-Funk’s lascivious cocktail of bass-driven beats and lewd keyboard squelches is never less than engaging. Nor is this shift of genres any great leap for Snoop: funk, or rather G-funk, has always been hotwired into his musical DNA, and the slick, sexually charged “Faden Away” or “Hit Da Pavement” would not have sounded out of place on 1993′s Doggystyle. The name may change, but this wily old dogg remains adept at whatever he tries.