120 Days, 120 Days II

Michaelangelo Matos

By Michaelangelo Matos

on 03.06.12 in Reviews

120 Days II

120 Days
Norwegian quartet picks back up right where they left off

Funny how Krautrock – something that, up until the late ’90s, was damn near impossible to find at anything other than expensive import prices – has become the lingua franca for any number of musicians and corresponding styles. The Norwegian quartet 120 Days is a perfect example. Their second album, unsurprisingly called II, took six years to make, but in true motorik fashion, it sounds like they just picked back up where they left off on their debut. Good. “Dahle Disco” (is that a reference to Dave Queen’s 2005 genre-name suggestion for late-’70s rockers getting their Moroder on?) undulates like first-album Neu! but has far more of a Lindstrøm feel – swoony and swooshy, but upright always (It’s no wonder – he produced it). Sometimes they leave the pulse out, and it’s boring, e.g. the first section of the three-part “Lucid Dreams.” No one’s listening to them for the singing, either. But the movement – now we’re talking.