The Residents Share Odds ‘n’ Sods on Bandcamp

Marc Hogan

By Marc Hogan

Lead News Writer
on 10.16.14 in News

Eyeball-headed oddities the Residents are now on Bandcamp. San Francisco’s long-running Dadaist experimenters — whose 1974 debut, Meet the Residents, our reviewer Nils Bernstein called “an album that belongs in every music lover’s cocktail-party arsenal” — have kept up their cultish profile in recent years, releasing a $100,000 Ultimate Box Set in 2012 and unwittingly contributing their signature tux-and-cornea getups to Kesha‘s stage show. This week, the band shared an assortment of self-described “obscurities” for free streaming or paid download.

“New download titles stumble into existence,” notes an October 14 post on the Residents’ website (hat-tip: Lars Gotrich). Those titles consist of a little more than a dozen releases from the Residents themselves, along with another batch credited to Charles Bobuck, who has quietly revealed himself as the long-anonymous group’s primary composer.

The Residents titles on Bandcamp include Sousa Forever, a suite of six marches originally from 1986′s Stars & Hank Forever: The American Composers Series, Vol. II; two Smell My Picture albums, collecting outtakes from the band’s albums between 2005 and 2007; and a 2007 bonus disc titled The Sandman Waits, along with remixes and other odds ‘n’ sods. Among the Bobuck releases are Maxine, described as walk-in music for Residents’ 2002 tour, and God O, which was 2012 music for a gallery opening.

There’s a bit of overlap between the two sites: Both carry Bobuck’s remix of 2001′s “Manz Whirled.” But then, the Residents have never been ones to make it easy on the rest of us, have they?

Explore the Residents’ curios here and Bobuck’s here.