‘Records Collecting Dust’ Film Set to Feature Members of Black Flag, High on Fire, Hot Snakes and More

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 11.10.14 in News

Low-key label Riot House Records (Empty Mansions, Spencer Moody, Rough Francis) has revealed its first documentary film project. Set to premiere nationwide this January, Records Collecting Dust revolves around the prized vinyl collections of such punk/metal/indie rock icons as Mike Watt (Minutemen), Chuck Dukowski (Black Flag), Matt Pike (High On Fire), David Yow (The Jesus Lizard), Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys), John Reis (Hot Snakes) and more.

“I wanted to capture the pre-internet world of finding your new favorite band and record,” writer/director Jason Blackmore (also of the San Diego group White Mule) told Consequence of Sound. “Before the internet, you didn’t have blogs, Spotify, and YouTube to find new music. You went to your local record shop and many times purchased a record because you liked the cover art. I also hoped to capture the intimacy of sitting down in these people’s living rooms and talking about the records and bands that influenced them. For many of the people featured in our film, it’s not just the music that played a major influence — it’s the process in which they discovered it.”

Check out a couple trailers below, along with a lengthy list of confirmed screenings that venture well outside the usual New York/LA route.

“Many indie films do a year of theater premieres on the film festival circuit and primarily play in major markets across the country,” film producer/Riot House founder Brian Jenkins explained. “When I was brought on to this project, Jason and I agreed that we wouldn’t alienate our audience and that we would do our best to make this film accessible to everyone. We’ve got premieres from Los Angeles to Grand Folks, ND scheduled. It’s a film about punk rock records and we wanted to carry that ethic and approach through the filming, editing, and distribution.”

Records Collecting Dust screenings:
1/9 San Diego, CA – Digital Gym
1/10 San Diego, CA – Digital Gym
1/23 Los Angeles, CA – The Nerdist Showroom
1/27 Oakland, CA – The New Parkway Theater
1/29 San Francisco, CA – Balboa Theater
1/15 Washington DC – The Black Cat
2/4 Gainesville, FL – The Wooly
2/6 Baton Rouge, LA – Atomic Pop Shop
2/8 Baltimore, MD – Otto Bar
2/11 Portland, OR – Hollywood Theatre
2/13 Grand Forks, ND – Ojata Records
2/16 Rockford, IL – Nordlof Theater
2/19 Durham, NC – Motorco Music Hall
2/20 Sioux Falls, SD – Total Drag
2/21 Phoenix, AZ – Film Bar
2/27 Richmond, VA – Black Iris Gallery
2/28 Santa Ana, CA – The Frida Cinema
3/7 Savannah, GA – Graveface Records and Curiosities
3/8 Bloomington, IN – The Bishop
3/13 Fort Wayne, IN – Cinema Center
3/20 Louisville, KY – Modern Cult Records
3/27 Birmingham, AL – Bottletree Café
3/28 Chicago, IL – Reggie’s Rock Club
3/28 Bowling Green, KY – The Public Theater of Kentucky