Rare Aphex Twin Records Hit eBay After ‘Caustic Window’ Leak

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 06.18.14 in News

The Rephlex-sanctioned release of Aphex Twin’s rare Caustic Window record earlier this week has given way to three equally important listings on eBay. First up: the physical test pressing of the Caustic Window double LP, which raised more than $67,000 on Kickstarter simply by offering legal/lossless digital copies of its 15 previously unreleased songs.

“Rephlex has no plans and will not press this record commercially,” the auction — which has already passed the $20,000 mark! — explains. “Be a part of this unique opportunity and show your hardcore fan support for Richard’s music and own some awesome electronic music!”

Half of the proceeds from the winning bid will go to a charity selected by the We Are the Music Makers community that organized this whole thing in the first place. As for what else is on the auction block at the moment, Rephlex co-founder Grant Wilson-Claridge is readying copies of two key AFX rarities for a few lucky eBay users: the Melodies From Mars compilation that was previously available as a promotional cassette and the Analogue Bubblebath 5 LP that reportedly fetched up to $5,000 during a previous auction. Yeah.

May the IDM revival begin; in the meantime, here’s a streaming version of the album none of us will ever hold in our hands…