Prince Takes His Sweet, Purple Time on “U Know” and 3rdEyeGirl’s “Whitecaps”

Marc Hogan

By Marc Hogan

Lead News Writer
on 09.02.14 in News

Those who spent the long weekend outdoors might’ve missed out on a couple of bedroom-inclined songs from Prince. Last week, the Minneapolis pop legend announced he’d be releasing not one, but two new albums on September 30: a  solo album, titled Art Official Age, plus a new album with current band 3rdEyeGirl, titled Plectrum Electrum. On Labor Day, he shared a track from each.

Solo song “U Know,” like previously revealed Art Official Age song “Clouds,” is slowly boiling electro-R&B, in this case with the Purple One’s sultry come-ons leading toward a Missy Elliott-worthy rewind. The 3rdEyeGirl-fronted “Whitecaps” turns toward full-band instrumentation, but it’s similarly simmering, with Hendrix-tinted guitar flickers and an R&B groove; Prince unmistakably backs up drummer Hannah Ford’s lead vocals as the weather-themed song of romantic longing nears a close.

When not planning a pair of new LPs at once, Prince has also been giving advice to André 3000. But he has not, as it happens, been saying yes to “Weird” Al Yankovic.

Vibe premiered both of the new tracks. Listen to “U Know” here and “Whitecaps” here.