Prince’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ Gig to Be an Eight-Minute Jam

Marc Hogan

By Marc Hogan

Lead News Writer
on 10.27.14 in News

TV timeouts are not for Prince. Earlier this month, Saturday Night Live announced the wily legend would make his third performance on the show during its November 1 episode, with host Chris Rock. Today, Warner Bros. Records said Prince and current live band 3RDEYEGIRL’s SNL performance “will be a rousing eight-minute long jam session with no commercial interruption.”

On a show where the musical guests usually play two separate songs, it’s a decision that only further sets Prince apart. The extra length also suits the artist’s live performance style, which with 3RDEYEGIRL has been known to involve concerts lasting as long as four hours. It’s a tendency toward excess that led him recently to release not one but two new albums, the solo ART OFFICIAL AGE and the 3RDEYEGIRL team-up PLECTRUMELECTRUM (caps most definitely HIS).

What Prince and 3RDEYEGIRL will be performing has yet to be announced. Given how these shows work, odds are it’ll be from PLECTRUMELECTRUM. But, just saying: The album version of “Purple Rain,” which is 20 years old this year, happens to be about eight minutes long. And as long we’re dreaming, wouldn’t it be something if Prince reprised his recent onstage collaboration with Kendrick Lamar?

For a possible preview of the SNL performance, watch Prince and 3RDEYEGIRL perform “Let’s Go Crazy,” live this year in Britain, below.