Prince Joins Facebook, Hosts Live Fan Q&A

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 09.30.14 in News

Artists joining Facebook isn’t a news story normally, but most artists aren’t Prince. Case in point: the more than 1.7 million likes he has racked up since launching an official page earlier today and announcing a live fan Q&A this afternoon. Happening as we speak here, it’s already generated enough questions (2,000 and counting!) to make the thing seem not only daunting but unreadable.

Here are some choice questions however:

When are you going to allow Youtube to show your videos? Sadly, we have a generation that experiences music through social media. Your amazing videos (and even more amazing past live performances) must be seen!

In “Art Official Age” we can interpret that U have been plagued by an exclusion and loneliness for a long time, but that U now is finding your way home. Has this new enlightenment caused you to look at your religious beliefs in a different way? Has your quest for meaning over the years caused you to get lost in religions, and that you now instead look at life as being here and now, free from religions?

Did you really beat Michael Jackson at ping pong?

Have you ever recorded something so truthful, personal and painful that you hope it never sees the light of day? Like something that you recorded just in an attempt to try to get the weight off your chest of a burdensome pain?

Hello Prince, I am huge fan of you music. my question is what made you get on facebook now and not sooner? because all of your fans love you. We sit here and waited for the day that you got on facebook.

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