Album Premiere: Lost Boy?’s Giddy, Roaring Wasted

J. Edward Keyes

By J. Edward Keyes

on 05.22.14 in News

There are two meanings to the word that gives the latest EP from New York’s Lost Boy? its title. There’s the literal, ie: discarding something potentially useful, and then there’s the colloquial, ie: loading one’s body up with so many intoxicants that the only thing discarded are inhibitions. There’s a sense of both running throughout the EP (out on tape on Tuesday from the excellent Exploding in Sound). There’s the palpable sense of disappointment and frustrating running through each of its highly-carbonated guitar-pop songs coupled with the kind of freewheeling recklessness that usually accompanies a night of generous drinking. Like the latter, it can go on infinitely — the final song “Versace” helpfully prompts the listener: “Now flip the tape,” so they can take the whole roaring ride all over again — as well they should. The entire EP only seven minutes long, and not a moment is — well, you know.

Order Lost Boy?s Wasted on cassette here.