Premiere: 1-800-BAND’s Power Pop Punch-Out, “Here Comes Summer”

J. Edward Keyes

By J. Edward Keyes

on 03.30.14 in News

As their name implies, Brooklyn’s 1-800-BAND seem beamed in from a bygone era, a time when strangers connected through party lines and the highest channel on your TV was 13. “Here Comes Summer” is the kind of sugar-packed, carbonated power-pop that groups like the Cars and the Raspberries used to shake up and spray out on the regular, full of fizzy guitars and sticky-sweet keys. Frontman Al Huckabee has the same kind of heartsick pout as fellow Stiff-revering singers like Gentleman Jesse, and it’s perfectly suited to “Summer”‘s lyrics about romantic betrayal. Never mind the optimism of the title: for the protagonist of “Here Comes Summer,” the season just means being sad and overheated. The band’s emphasis on synths positions them at the intersection where power pop was just beginning to flirt with new wave; “Here Comes Summer” is a buoyant volley from a band with a firm grasp on the past, but their eyes fixed on the future.

[1-800-BAND's Diver Blue EP will be released April 8 on Almost Ready records.]