Portugal. The Man Drop ‘Endangered Song’ For Earth Day

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 04.22.14 in News

Portugal. The Man have taken Earth Day into a granola-free zone with their new strictly limited single “Sumatran Tiger.” Described as “the first song meant to go extinct unless it’s reproduced,” the track was pressed onto a degradable slab of clear vinyl and sent to “400 carefully chosen influencers, among them actors, activists, musicians, conservationists, bloggers and journalists.” There are no plans for a proper digital copy either, although said influencers are encouraged to rip the record themselves with the hashtags #endangeredsong and #sumatrantiger.

“[The song is] a metaphor for endangered species in hopes that it will raise awareness for the tigers,” explained bassist Zachary Scott Carothers, “and also keep the song alive like we’re trying to keep the tigers alive. In order to raise funding and support to save the species, we need awareness.”

Check out a rough recording below, along with a short video about the band’s campaign…