Pono: Is This the Future of How We Listen to Music?

Dustin Sussman

By Dustin Sussman

on 03.12.14 in News

Yesterday at SXSW in Austin, Neil Young officially launched his digital music service/player Pono. It may just change how we listen to music.

What is PonoMusic, you ask? Well the players are called PonoPlayers, and they cost $399 and contain 128GB of memory. Apparently, the quality of sound is the closest experience to a recording studio. A record player in the palm of your hand, if you will. If it literally sounds too good to be true, Neil has lined up a few of his best music pals to help convince people to buy in.

The Kickstarter video below features a who’s who of the music industry giving Pono rave reviews. Arcade Fire, Bruce Springsteen, Patti Smith and Jack White, just to name a few. With heavy-hitters like these, it’s no wonder they’ve nearly doubled their goal of $800,000. Pono might be the real deal, guys.

Discounted players are available for those who pledge $300 as well as other prizes. A $5,000 pledge gets an individual VIP dinner and listening party with Neil Young himself. Check out Pono’s Kickstarter for more info.