Robyn + Royksopp @ Pier 97, August 20, 2014

Marjorie Becker

By Marjorie Becker

on 08.21.14 in Live in Pictures

It was a perfect NYC summer night. The humidity was tame, the daytime temperatures just started to dip and a cool breeze blew in from the Hudson River as concertgoers funneled into Pier 97 to see Robyn and Royksopp on their Do It Again tour.

Opening act Zhala took the stage behind a table draped with colorful fabric. The Swedish singer used her sticker-riddled laptop to trigger her tunes as she sang and danced. She squirted the crowd with two water bottles before turning them around to spray her face. Her fun personality shined as she sang and danced in her eclectic ensemble.

Röyksopp was up next, with bold-colored visuals accompanying their electronic Norwegian beats. Robyn took the stage shortly after and the crowd came alive as she sang hit after hit. Her energy was contagious as she danced to “Love Is Free” and “Call Your Girlfriend.” One of the highlights was during “Dancing on My Own,” when the Swedish singer turned away from the stage and hugged herself as the audience sang an entire verse.

For the grand finale, Röyksopp returned wearing sparkling, silver ski masks. The lights flashed as Robyn joined them for “Sayit,” a heavy techno piece with a simple narrative of Robyn teaching a robot to say “I want you.” They then played much of their joint mini-album, Do It Again and ended explosively, as cannons showered the crowd in a cloud of confetti.