Peter Gutteridge, Founding Member of the Chills and the Clean, Has Died

Wondering Sound Staff

By Wondering Sound Staff

on 09.14.14 in News

New Zealand music blog Off the Tracks is reporting that Peter Gutteridge, a founding member of beloved New Zealand bands the Clean and the Chills, died this morning. Gutteridge played with those two bands in the ’80s, then went on to form the band Snapper in the early ’90s (all were part of the Flying Nun family). In 1989 he released his only solo album, Pure, which was rereleased in January. Just a couple weeks ago, Gutteridge played his first-ever U.S. show, at Palisades in Brooklyn.

Off the Tracks’ Simon Sweetman says:

Gutteridge was something of an underground hero, so important to people in love with so much around what New Zealand music means and does and sounds like — that music that’s a vital part of our culture outside and away from the mainstream. Gutteridge was a founding member of The Clean and The Chills — and he fronted Snapper. Then there was The Great Unwashed. He released a solo album that has only recently been reissued. And in the last two years there was a return to the stage for Snapper and Gutteridge took the stage with The Clean including a recent trip to America.

Stream Gutteridge’s 1998 self-titled Snapper album below: