Parquet Courts Squash College Rock Comparisons on New Album

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 04.01.14 in News

The steady rise of Parquet Courts — a band Douglas Wolk tracked down in 2012 for one of our “Who Is…” pieces — is set to continue on June 3, as What’s Your Rupture? and Mom + Pop present the proper follow-up (Sunbathing Animal) to the self-released LP that started it all, Light Up Gold. While that record left many critics and the group’s growing cult following salivating, it also led many to look at Parquet Courts as the second coming of slacker rock.

Or as Rob Sheffield wrote over at Rolling Stone when last year’s Tally What You Broke EP came out, “These guys are totally brazen about their Nineties love buzz – a Guided By Voices riff here, a Perfect Disaster bassline here, loads of Silkworm and Helium and Polvo. And yeah, Pavement, right down to jokes about art-museum guard jobs.”

According to a press release, “Sunbathing Animal serves as a brick wall deflection to any previous misinterpretations of the band. More than a reactionary sprint in any particular musical direction, Parquet Courts sounds more like themselves than ever, but a more deliberate, aware and pinpoint accurate reading of the same American punk expansion they all but defined on Light Up Gold.”

Sample the record’s title track down below for an early look at how all this pans out on record…