Old Man Gloom Send Out a “Fake” Album, Unveil Two New Albums

Marc Hogan

By Marc Hogan

Lead News Writer
on 11.07.14 in News

Unconventional album release strategies are all the rage these days, but Old Man Gloom have hit upon an approach that’s still novel. The metal band — formed by members of Isis, Converge, Cave In and Zozobra — announced a few months ago it would release a new album, The Ape of God, on November 11 via Profound Lore. Promo copies went out to the press. Reviews glowed. The music leaked. But the band now says this already-leaked, already-reviewed album is “fake,” and the actual release will be two other, different albums, both nevertheless titled The Ape of God.

Still with me? Here, let Old Man Gloom explain. “Guess what, assholes,” the band wrote in a post yesterday. “The Ape Of God is two entirely different albums. If you downloaded some leaked shit, you don’t have either. You have some bogus version we gave to press, cuz we knew those jerks would leak it (if you reviewed that fake record positively, thank you. We’re just THAT good).
We will always trick you. We will always trick you. We will always trick you.”

Profound Lore has confirmed the prank. “That’s right, ‘The Ape Of God’ is the two new Old Man Gloom albums,” the label wrote. “Two new full length albums by Old Man Gloom with the same album title.”

That said, Old Man Gloom haven’t entirely disowned the leaked, promo album. “To be fair we, Old Man Gloom spent a lot of time on the music and putting together the ‘fake’ version of the album,” the group added in a comment. “It is still music we believe in and 100 percent stand behind. We’re not punishing anyone, and if you had fun with the record as we have with everything that has gone into it, then we’ve done our job. And also, anyone that did their research on Old Man Gloom should know that we’re pranksters who ARE GOING TO FUCK WITH EVERYONE ALL THE TIME.”

Many details about the two The Ape of God albums are still unclear. Profound Lore has posted an image of the packaging, which you can find at the bottom of this post. Amazon has product listings for two volumes of The Ape of God, but no tracklists.

Below, listen “The Leash,” which you may be fooled into enjoying.