Song Premiere: Shivery Shakes, “Hold On”

Wondering Sound Staff

By Wondering Sound Staff

on 09.19.14 in News

The relationship at the center of Shivery Shakes’ “Hold On” is an unsteady one: vocalist William Glosup itemizes a series of scenarios in which the unpredictability of his partner keeps him on his toes. “She gets in bad situations/ the second that I’m not around,” he laments near the song’s conclusion. He nestles these woes inside bright, rolling, ’60s-inspired jangle-pop (the Daily Texan shorthanded it as a mix between Roy Orbison and Pavement) for a song so bright and radiant you’d never guess there was trouble brewing in its verses.

Shivery Shakes’ debut LP, Three Waves & A Shake, is out October 21st, co-released on Punctum and Austin Town Hall Records.