Listen to DeGreaser’s Great, Grimy ‘Rougher Squalor’ in Full

J. Edward Keyes

By J. Edward Keyes

on 06.09.14 in News

New York’s DeGreaser are a band running on engine oil and paint fumes, a band who prefer their riffs gunk-covered and their low-end thick and sludgy. Their third record, Rougher Squalor, is a blown-speaker, fuzz-laden doom-psych tour de force, a record where any note worth playing is worth playing loud. There are trace elements of acid rock, long spirals of squawking wah-wah guitar and, somewhere beneath the avalanche of sound, hollered, undeniably tuneful vocals. Rougher Squalor is a garage record for people whose garages are full of tar and pork fat, a rock band for people who people who walk softly but carry a big brick.