Album Premiere: Rich Aucoin, ‘Ephemeral’

Wondering Sound Staff

By Wondering Sound Staff

on 09.02.14 in News

You can tell from its opening moments that Ephemeral, the second album from Rich Aucoin, is aiming for nothing more than total widescreen grandeur. There’s a swell of strings, a twinkling constellation of keyboards, then a gang-shouted, wordless chorus that sounds like they crammed the entire audience of a football game into the studio. In reality, that’s not that far off: the big, hollered refrains were recorded at festivals and feature an audience of close to 20,000 people. That enormous opening gambit sets the stage for a record that is big and stately and ornate and rapturous. It’s followed by “Want to Believe,” a song that races breathlessly forward, Aucoin belting out the song’s desperate chorus backed by an army of supporting vocalists. Designed to synchronize with the 1979 claymation adaptation of Antoine de Saint-Exupért’s The Little Prince, Ephemeral captures not only that film’s galaxy-wide scope, but also its unwavering sense of hope and belief.