New York’s No Wave Scene Gets Its Own Video Game

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 05.22.14 in News

If you’ve ever wondered what life was like during the height of New York’s No Wave scene, a new online video game has the answer in the form of pixels and pills. (Is it going to be the doorman’s red or green “candy”? You decide!) Available here (via FACT) and soundtracked by unlicensed songs from Sonic Youth (“Barracuda”) and Swans (“Half Life”), Dorian SRed’s story-driven point-and-click title is described as follows:

You are Jim, a man from Brooklyn. You discover the underground life of New York. Someone told you to go out, but you’re asking “Why?”. And the answer is: “Life is in the streets, in music, not only in your flat”. You decide to visit one of these clubs known for their wild side. They are repulsive but attractive in many aspects. So there you are, ready to try anything.

We had a hard time making anything happen while walking through SRed’s suitably strange world, and died about five minutes in the first time around, but have at it if you must. Or you could just read our recent Michael Gira interview for a first hand account that includes lines like this: “That idea that was in the air, of building things through aggressive sounds, without much chord structure or anything … was really interesting to me. And as far as the atmosphere of the place, the state it was in economically and culturally — a state of collapse, basically — it made me think about what I could do. The music I could make, without even being a musician. You know, just like, I can fuckin’ do it.”