New T-Pain Single “Stoicville”

Lindsay Hood

By Lindsay Hood

on 11.06.14 in News

And suddenly T-Pain is back on our radars. The R&B artist released a record of his greatest hits on Tuesday and today he has shared the first single off Stoicville, the follow-up to 2011′s Revolver.

The title track clocks in just under six minutes and there’s not a trace of Auto-Tune to be found. T-Pain addresses the beginnings of his career, the relationship with his parents, the critical reception of his last album and his struggles with depression. Basically, he leaves no self-confessional stone unturned.

Earlier in the summer, he also told Trending 10 host Zuri Hall that he started work on the new album after his son was diagnosed with autism. He said, “Stoicville is a city in my mind that I created. It’s basically like my happy place… when [autistic people] get frustrated, they cover their ears and close their eyes, and they go to this place. I figured that maybe I need to try that.”

Last week, his set for NPR’s tiny desk went viral and he went on HuffPost Live to clear up common misconceptions about Auto-Tune.

While we’ve yet to see a release date for Stoicville (T-Pain claims to be shifting through the 127 songs that he recorded for the album), it’s anticipated in early 2015.

Listen to “Stoicville” and watch the tiny desk concert below.