The New Pornographers Skirt Chaos in One-Shot “War on the East Coast” Video

Marc Hogan

By Marc Hogan

Lead News Writer
on 07.16.14 in News

“Lyrically, I’m saying things I don’t recognize as something I would say,” Destroyer frontman Dan Bejar said recently about his role on the first proper New Pornographers album in four years. In the video for “War on the East Coast,” the second song shared from the upcoming Brill Bruisers LP (due out August 25 via Matador), fellow NP A.C. Newman mimes Bejar’s lyrics. With crunching guitars, spangles of synths and harmonica honks, it’s a rousing complement to the previously posted title track, and it comes with cleverly conceived visuals courtesy of director Thom Glunt. Much as Bejar maintains his cryptic deadpan through the music’s occasional tumult, the clip shows him and lip-sync double Newman managing to stay above the fray as they amble through a war-torn city. Glunt told Pitchfork that “we were excited to pay homage to those brilliant ’90s music videos where the artist’s personality is prominently featured in one long unbroken shot.” Newman, invoking “mid-’90s second-tier Britpop,” said: “In the past, I’ve never really wanted to be in the video. But with this, we wanted to have fun and fully be IN the video.” Below, that’s fully evident.