The New Pornographers Unveil Brill Brew at Intelligentsia Coffee

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 07.31.14 in News

Following in the footsteps of Madlib, Wilco and St. Vincent, The New Pornographers have endorsed their very own limited line of Intelligentsia Coffee. Available in several pre-order options here — including a $45 package that includes a special “diner mug” and tote bag — the band’s Brill Brew was selected by frontman Carl Newman, who chose a “cheerful and sweet” Kenyan coffee with mango, nectarine and green apple notes in a recent taste test.

“As absurd as it may seem for us to have a signature blend,” Newman explained in a press release, “I think it is important that there is some sort of marker, some flag planted in the earth, so that whoever walks into Intelligentsia, whoever drinks this, will know: ‘The New Pornographers really really loved coffee.’”

Oddly enough, Newman doesn’t love coffee that much. At least not enough to fuss over it at home. While he’s grown to appreciate third-wave offerings from companies like Intelligentsia, especially when the group’s on tour, Newman told Epicurious he’s more of a — gasp! — pod coffee guy at home. “It boils down to this: We can make a latte in 10 seconds,” he said.

Here’s a Brill Brew product shot and a selection from the Brill Bruisers album the New Pornographers will release on August 25 through Matador…

Intelligentsia's Brill Brew