New Kids on the Block, Sleater-Kinney Among New 33 1/3 Books

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 06.04.14 in News

Bloomsburg has announced its latest round of 33 1/3 books, including looks at seminal LPs by Miles Davis (Bitches Brew), Sleater-Kinney (Dig Me Out), The Jesus and Mary Chain (Psychocandy) and, err, New Kids on the Block (Hangin’ Tough, of course).

“Today, hundreds of thousands of grown women still flock to New Kids’ concerts to hear — and go bat-shit crazy for — the songs they first heard when they were teenagers,” the publisher writes in its notes page. “Is this mere nostalgia or can the science of music help explain the enduring success of Hangin’ Tough? What is it about this album that made it so special?”

Most of the newly announced titles won’t arrive until 2016 — including the New Kids one — so we’ll have to make do with imminent exposes on Kanye West, Danger Mouse and Michael Jackson in the interim. Check out a full list of forthcoming releases here, and a breakdown of this week’s announcements down below…

Spring 2015
Koji Kondo’s Super Mario Bros by Andrew Shartmann

Fall 2015
Grateful Dead’s Workingman’s Dead by Puzz Poole
Beat Happening’s Beat Happening by Bryan C. Parker
Metallica’s Metallica (The Black Album) by David Masciotra
Phish’s A Live One by Walter Holland

Spring 2016
Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew by George Grella
The Geto Boys’ The Geto Boys by Rolf Potts
The Jesus and Mary Chain’s Psychocandy by Paula Mejia
Daniel Johnston’s Hi, How Are You by Benjamin Shapiro
Sleater-Kinney’s Dig Me Out by Jovana Babović

Fall 2016
New Kids on the Block’s Hangin’ Tough by Rebecca Wallwork
Donny Hathaway’s Donny Hathaway Live by Emily Lordi
The Raincoats’ The Raincoats by Jenn Pelly
Blondie’s Parallel Lines by Kembrew McLeod