New Album Roundup: Four Tet, James Blake, Purity Ring, More

Marc Hogan

By Marc Hogan

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on 01.13.15 in News

Time to double-check those “Most Anticipated Albums of 2015″ lists. The year began on an ambitious note led by PJ Harvey, and this week brought chances to stream a couple of the most eagerly awaited albums along with new LP details from Death Cab for Cutie, Waxahatchee and Sufjan Stevens. Today adds to the bumper crop, with a new Four Tet archival release and a hint of new James Blake, as well as upcoming albums by the likes of Purity Ring and Matt & Kim.

London producer/multi-instrumentalist Kieran Hebden, better known as Four Tet, didn’t exactly announce a new full-length today, but he made the equivalent of one available. He also sometimes records as Percussions, and three twelve-inches he made under that name over the past few years (plus “some other, unreleased material”) are now streaming over on his Bandcamp. Listen below.

It’s neither a full-fledged release, like Four Tet, or a proper announcement, as with the other albums listed here, but Blake has revealed the title of his upcoming LP. It’s Radio Silence, he said during the final show of his BBC Radio 1 residency. Though the show aired in December, it just arrived on SoundCloud, and Consequence of Sound notes he gives the name around the 1:40 mark.

In other upcoming releases, Purity Ring have announced they’ll release their sophomore album, Another Eternity, on March 3 via 4AD. The tracklist, which you can find at the bottom of this post, includes last month’s “Push Pull,” and the pitch-tweaking Canadian electro-pop duo has now also shared “Begin Again,” which continues toward a more direct, bigger-stage variety of their goth-y gloom. Listen to that below, and read along with the lyrics on the band’s Tumblr.

For a less haunted male-female duo, there’s Matt & Kim, who will release New Glow, their follow-up to 2012′s Lightning, on April 17 via Harvest. First single “Get It,” a lightly dubstep-tinted party anthem about it being 1 a.m. and not wanting to go home, has a lyric video, which you can watch below.

Getting away from gender-balanced two-pieces for a second, the Minus 5 will release their 10th album, Dungeon Golds, on March 10 via Yep Roc. The Scott McCaughey-led R.E.M. offshoot’s new set has a packed list of guests including Peter Buck, the late Ian McLagan and members of the Decemberists. The record contains 12 tracks edited down from the Minus 5′s 2014 Record Store Day box set, Scott the Hoople in the Dungeon of Horror. Listen to opener “My Generation” below.

Other tuneful guitar music is on the horizon from JEFF the Brotherhood. The Nashville band will release its second Warner Bros. album, Wasted on the Dream, on March 10. It’s the follow-up to 2012′s Hypnotic Nights, and you can hear “Coat Check Girl” below.

A new album is also on the way from Explosions in the Sky‘s Mark T. Smith and Eluvium‘s Matthew Cooper. Together, they released a self-titled album last year under the name Inventions, and they’ll follow it with Maze of Woods on March 17 via Temporary Residence/Bella Union. Listen to “Springworlds” below.

From Montreal, Doldrums have signed to Sub Pop. The group led by DJ/producer/performer Airick Woodhead released its debut album, Lesser Evil, in 2013, and follow-up The Air Conditioned Nightmare will arrive on April 7 in the United States. The LP is titled after a Henry Miller essay collection, and you can hear “Hotfoot” below.

Moving toward house music, London producer Mike Greene has announced his second album as Fort Romeau, Insides, which will arrive on March 31 via Ghostly. It’s the follow-up to his 2012 debut album Kingdoms, and you can hear the gleaming, pulsing title track below.

As if that weren’t enough, today brings word, too, of a new LateNightTales mix. As Pitchfork points out, the latest entry in the series comes from classically trained techno producer Jon Hopkins, and it includes a new cover of Yeasayer’s “I Remember.” You can preview the Yeasayer cover here and listen to an album sampler below. Previous LateNightTales contributors include Franz Ferdinand, Belle and Sebastian, Flaming Lips, Air, MGMT and Röyksopp.

Scroll down for tracklists and cover art from all these releases where available.
Purity Ring, Another Eternity (March 3, 4AD)

Purity Ring

1. heartsigh
2. bodyache
3. push pull
4. repetition
5. stranger than earth
6. begin again
7. dust hymn
8. flood on the floor
9. sea castle
10. stillness in woe

Matt & Kim, New Glow (April 17, Harvest)

Matt and KIm

1. Hey Now
2. Stirred Up
3. Can You Blame Me
4. Hoodie On
5. Make A Mess
6. Killin Me
7. World Is Ending
8. Get It
9. Not Alone
10. I See Ya

The Minus 5, Dungeon Golds (March 10, Yep Roc)

Minus 5

1. My Generation
2. It’s Beautiful Here
3. In The Ground
4. Adios Half Solider
5. Zero Clowns
6. Chinese Saucer Magnolia
7. It’s Magenta, Man!
8. The History You Hate
9. Sorry Town
10. Remain In Lifeboat
11. Hold Down The Fort
12. The Unforeseen

JEFF the Brotherhood, Wasted on the Dream (March 10, Warner Bros.)

Jeff the Brotherhood

1. Voyage Into Dream
2. Black Cherry Pie
3. Cosmic Visions
4. Mystified Minds
5. Melting Place
6. In My Dreams
7. In My Mouth
8. Karaoke, TN
9. Coat Check Girl
10. What’s A Creep
11. Prairie Song

Inventions, Maze of Woods (March 17, Temporary Residency/Bella Union)


1. Escapers
2. Springworlds
3. Peregrine
4. Slow Breathing Circuit
5. A Wind From All Directions
6. Wolfkids
7. Moanmusic
8. Feeling the Sun Thru the Earth at Night

Maze of Woods Remixed EP
1. Peregrine (The Field Remix)
2. Springworlds (Leyland Kirby Remix)
3. Slow Breathing Circuit (A Winged Victory For the Sullen Remix)

Doldrums, The Air Conditioned Nightmare (April 7, Sub Pop)


1. Hotfoot
2. Blow Away
3. Funeral for Lightning
4. We Awake
5. Video Hostage
6. Loops
7. iDeath
8. My Friend Simjen
9. Industry City
10. Closer 2 U

Fort Romeau, Insides (March 31, Ghostly)

Fort Romeau

1. New Wave
2. Folle
3. All I Want
4. Insides
5. Not A Word
6. IKB
7. Lately
8. Cloche

Various Artists, Late Night Tales: Jon Hopkins (March 1, LateNightTales)

Jon Hopkins

1. Ben Lukas Boysen, “Sleepers Beat Theme”
2. Darkstar, “Hold Me Down”
3. Holy Other, “Yr Love”
4. Teebs, “Verbena Tea with Rebekah Raff”
5. Nils Frahm, “More”
6. Songs of Green Pheasant, “I Am Daylights”
7. Jónsi & Alex, “Danielle In The Sea”
8. Evenings, “Babe”
9. Letherette, “After Dawn”
10. Jon Hopkins, “I Remember” (Yeasayer cover)
11. David Holmes, “Hey Maggy”
12. Alela Diane, “Lady Divine”
13. Four Tet, “Gillie Amma I Love You”
14. School of Seven Bells, “Connjur”
15. Peter Broderick, “And It’s Alright (Nils Frahm Remix)”
16. Health, “Before Tigers (Gold Panda Remix)”
17. Last Days, “Missing Photos”
18. Bibio, “Down To The Sound”
19. A Winged Victory For The Sullen, “Requiem For The Static King 1″
20. Helios, “Emancipation”
21. Rick Holland, “I Remember” (Exclusive Spoken Word Piece)