Mr. Dream Break Up, Share Final Album

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 06.30.14 in News

Fans of Mr. Dream’s gnarly noise rock — us included — got a hefty slab of good/bad news delivered over the weekend. First, the good: The Brooklyn band’s next album, Ultimate in Luxury, is available as a strictly limited cassette and shipping next week. And now, the bad: The group broke up, giving no explanation other than the “posthumous release” tag that’s slapped on Godmode’s store page.

“Ten songs, 36 minutes, white C45,” the label writes, “the cassette you found in the used car you just bought. Who are these people? Where are they now? What happened?”

We may never know, although the full album is streaming below — after a few product shots — and we hear Mr. Dream members will be backing recent Godmode discovery Shamir at his upcoming shows…